A Life as an Impatient Developer

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I remember the time when I undertake a new assignment from head of development, the task consisted of changing a whole part of the system, throws me in “black mood” and asking myself “How many time we need to change this part?”. Knowing the responsibility, I lose no time to dive into solution to get it over with.

In this perspective it sounds like a pretty negative approach I take. But what if being impatient is not a bad thing at all if we redefine behavior as “restlessly eager”. That sounds better, does not it?

If you alike me, sometimes being impatient helps you to become better programmer, sometimes it hurts so badly when diving into solution without thinking costs too much time.

But, how it helps to become better?

  1. You won’t wait for others to fix a bug, or build a system for you, the process, tweaking, building, restlessly thinking (sometimes making circle around the solution) keeps you sharp and ready for challenge.
  2. You don’t stay in jobs where you get bored, that does not challenge your skills, so you can carry forward.
  3. You will spend no time in learning new stuff, even though you make a bad decision by being impatient, you will still learn something, would not you? In the end successes and failures are equally important on life journey.

I know impatience is not all roses and easy. Sometimes you need to harness it into positive thinking. (easier said than done). I had a lot of moments that I realized I really f..cked up because I did not stop for second and think. It is good if you can use it for your benefits. Impatience is a great source of energy if you can channel into strategically planning (priorities, priorities…) before executing. I believe one can improve this habit.

When you start taking a step back and analyzing small patterns of the big problem, you increase your productivity and save time for good. It makes you think positively by re-framing the challenging problem. It helps you to see big picture.

It is powerful tool of motivation and good starting point for every project I work on, I hope I can use it better, and transform it into a good way.